April 17, 2007



sushi bench

April 16, 2007

Designed in minimal style, the bench making a Far Eastern impression calls to mind the silhouette of traditional Japanese gates (torii). When designing, I took inspiration from dry gardens of Shunmyo Masuno. In bustling cities, these little gardens, sanctuaries, roof terraces, and spas offer a heaven of peace, and a place for spiritual purification. I would like this bench to represent a lifestyle: “I have time to take delight in the rising sun, and the scenery in front of me”.


This product can be used as bench indoors or outdoors.

Lenght: 160cm – 62 2/5”
Width: 63cm – 24 3/5”
Height: 43cm – 16 4/5”

Colors: white, black, red. (RAL colors available: 8% surcharge.)

Materials: plywood, weather- and UV-proof, scratch resistant coating.
Price: 780 EUR / 1050 USD / 130000 JPY + shipping.
Availability: This item ships in 2-3 weeks.
Design patent pending. (International Design Patent)

You want the bench. I want to make you happy. I am working hard to get worldwide distribution, so soon, the bench will be at a store near you.
Meanwhile, write me an email, and I will send you the bench.
e-mail: jutasigabor@yahoo.com