sushi bench

April 16, 2007

Designed in minimal style, the bench making a Far Eastern impression calls to mind the silhouette of traditional Japanese gates (torii). When designing, I took inspiration from dry gardens of Shunmyo Masuno. In bustling cities, these little gardens, sanctuaries, roof terraces, and spas offer a heaven of peace, and a place for spiritual purification. I would like this bench to represent a lifestyle: “I have time to take delight in the rising sun, and the scenery in front of me”.


This product can be used as bench indoors or outdoors.

Lenght: 160cm – 62 2/5”
Width: 63cm – 24 3/5”
Height: 43cm – 16 4/5”

Colors: white, black, red. (RAL colors available: 8% surcharge.)

Materials: plywood, weather- and UV-proof, scratch resistant coating.
Price: 780 EUR / 1050 USD / 130000 JPY + shipping.
Availability: This item ships in 2-3 weeks.
Design patent pending. (International Design Patent)

You want the bench. I want to make you happy. I am working hard to get worldwide distribution, so soon, the bench will be at a store near you.
Meanwhile, write me an email, and I will send you the bench.



3 Responses to “sushi bench”

  1. Ken said

    great design!!

  2. Thx for the thx… please note the Urban garden Deco spotter is now called My Urban Garden Deco
    All the best

  3. MLove said

    How much are these? where can one purchase one?


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